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Volunteer Christian Builders    Basic Operation Guidelines

VCB is as a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization with no paid employees. It is organized under a Board of Directors and officers. All operating funds come from donations by individuals and churches.

Our mission is to advance the Lord’s Kingdom by assisting Bible-believing, -teaching and -practicing churches, encampments, seminaries and other institutions, especially in pioneer areas, by providing volunteer labor to construct buildings for worship and other Kingdom-building activities.

Daily and Weekly Schedules:

Our crews normally work 5 days a week, usually from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm daily, taking 12:00 to

1:00 off for lunch and having a morning and afternoon break. During our morning break we have a short devotional each day. Our Retiree Crews generally work 2 weeks at a time. Some of our ladies choose to work with the men, others serve in different ways. Our Local Crews (non-retirees, sometimes call Summer Crews) generally work 1-week periods but keep approximately the same daily work schedule.


VCB Retiree & Summer Crews can do the following:

1. Frame building either conventionally or frame interior of metal building, using either metal or

wood studs.

2. Stick built roof construction or installation of trusses. (Preference is for pre-built trusses and if

truss span is greater than 35 feet, a crane will be needed to set the trusses.)

3. Deck, felt and roof building with 5/12 pitch or less. (Felt and shingles should be placed on roof by the church.) We also install metal roofing, but do not install hot tar, built-up roofs.

4. Install rough-in electrical, including breaker box. (Based on local ordinances and permits.)

5. Complete plumbing rough-in above slab depending on plumber availability.

6. Install insulation.

7. Install sheet rock and exterior siding.

8. Install platform, baptistery and steeple.

9. Complete outside trim, cornice and porches.

10. Install exterior windows, hang doors and interior trim.

11. Tape, float, texture and paint on a limited basis.

12. Perform all work according to local and national codes.

13. Install suspended ceiling grids and tiles.

14. Build and install kitchen and bath cabinets.

15. Install floor coverings on a limited basis.


VCB does not do the following:

1. Lay brick or do concrete work.

2. Deck or roof buildings with greater than 6/12 pitch.

3. Heating and Air Conditioning

4. Secure any permits required.

5. Engineer, draw or design the building

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