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New Hope Refuge Batesville, AR

Our Mission

A Christ-centered ministry where women with addictions can find a NEW HOPE for a new life through complete surrender & gaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to offer a refuge that provides ways to learn and apply God’s Word to the broken and the lost. Our residential program will also provide life skills and help teach women essential ways to enter back into society. We will also provide ways to promote healing within the families and children involved by encouraging weekly family involvement within the time these women are in our program.

This has been a year of growth and so many victories for New Hope Refuge and the residents and

graduates. The Staff is in awe of God and what He can do in one year and the miracles that we get to witness every day. In 2022 we reached our max capacity of 19 residents, and we had 12 women to graduate and complete our program, making 21 graduate’s total.

We have tackled some large projects this year and each one has made our campus more beautiful.

These projects have allowed us to be able to hire more women to stay on as staff and become leaders.

here at New Hope. In May the Volunteer Christian Builders came out for a 5 week stay and built a two-

bedroom Staff House and painted two large buildings on camp. It is amazing to watch this group of men

work together and it is a joy to spend time with them and their wives every time they come.

Volunteer Christian Builders

Thank you for giving so that we can continue to teach these women the gospel and

how to find NEW HOPE in JESUS!!


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