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Our women play a vital role in many ministries throughout the United States and abroad.

We are always looking for people to join our team and travel with a purpose.

Several of our women are involved in the building projects working alongside the men. These ladies are diversified in what they can accomplish and do everything from running the power tools to working on the ceiling crews.

At every job you will find a group of women working on projects that range from crocheting homeless mats, making walker caddies for the people in the nursing homes, sewing reusable sanitary products for those in third world countries, making pants, shorts and dresses, pencil cases, pillow cases, lap quilts, quilts of valor, fidget mats for the Alzheimer’s units and a list that goes on and on.

The beautiful thing about these ladies is that when a need is shown to them they jump in and get the job done. There are times that women will be working on a project and don’t really know who will need those items, and this is when it is so awesome to see God work as he puts the need before them and they are able to fulfill the need. No experience necessary, just a willing heart!                        

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