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Volunteer Christian Builders are made up of retiree and non-retiree groups.  Retiree groups spend two weeks working on a project, often taking a week off after the project and returning to that same project for another two weeks.  After the project is over they move on, some return home while others go to another scheduled project of their choice.  Non-retiree groups coordinate part of their vacation time to donate a week to work on a church or encampment project. 

While on a project, volunteers stay in personal RVs on the job site, homes of local church members or encampment facilities. Volunteers are invited to work on any project. Both men and women work on the jobsite but our women also play a vital role in many ministries throughout the United States and abroad. For more information about our women, visit our VCB Ladies Page and for more information about Volunteer Christian Builders, visit our FAQ's page.


Watch the videos below to see what our volunteers say about us.

Camp and Church Testimonials
Linda & Grady Buck Testimonial
Bob and Barbara Brosius Testimony
VCB at Lake Tomahawk


Are you retired or still working?

We are always looking for people to join our team and travel with a purpose.

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