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Remember When? Camp CoBeAc in Prudenville, MI

Volunteer Christian Builders made their first trip to Camp CoBeAc in the summer of 2012. The camp came by it's name through a contest among the campers. A young girl won the context suggesting "CoBeAc" representing Come Believe Accept. The first volunteer team of 13 couples lead by crew chief, Joel Fischer, built a pavilion by the lake. It had bathrooms and a covered area for meetings and dining on one end and a covered area for storage on the other end. They also helped finish a dormitory for their Bible Institute students before fall semester started.

A few summers later the volunteer group returned to build a 5,000 square foot deck off the dining hall with a pavilion in one corner. It was jokingly name Volunteer Christina Heliport because of its size! They also built two additions on a cabin in the wood by the lake to transform it into a home for the director and his family.

A few years after that another volunteer crew lead by crew chief, Richard Crosby, helped build a garage to an existing house and resided the home. They also build an amazing gazebo! And as always the ladies of Volunteer Christian Builders stayed busy sewing dresses, pants, shorts and many other thing missionaries request around the world.

If you have any great memories of Camp CoBeAc share them in the comments below.


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