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Remember When? Copperfield Baptist Church, Houston, TX

In March of 1997, 32 volunteers with Volunteer Christian Builders, went to Copperfield Baptist Church in Houston, Texas to frame, sheetrock, and add electrical and plumbing to the inside of a 16,000 square foot building. This building was to serve as a meeting and worship center for 1,000 members.

The Houston Chronicle featured J.T. Smith in the article, a then 74 year old VCB volunteer, from Monroe, Louisiana. In 1997 he had been traveling with VCB for 16 years and had worked on over 150 buildings. J.T. shares with the newspaper he receives no pay but his reward will be, "out of this world," and his current employer is Jesus Christ.

You can read the full article below. This blog post information was shared by Doris & Leon Ward. This in one of the many happy memories of their travels working for Jesus Christ.


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