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Remember When? Dove Circle Baptist Church (1991)

Recently Doris Ward, a past Volunteer Christian Builders volunteer, cleaned out her records and pictures of jobs she and her late husband, Leon Ward were a part of form 1990-2007. Together they worked on over 70+ job sites. Here are some great memories and a newspaper article from a job at Dove Circle Baptist Church in Holiday Island, Arkansas.

Eighteen couples including Doris & Leon worked on this job in 1991 with crew chief Bill Self.

"There are a whole bunch of people down at Dove Circle Baptist Church. They say they're volunteers who travel around building churches. This isn't my church but I'd like to know what's going on," several islanders said. Arriving at Dove Circle Baptist Church, we found the whole property covered with recreational vehicles and campers, and the church alive with friendly looking folks.

When the newspaper asked Bill Self, "Why do you do it?" He responded with, " We do it because we love the Lord. God really blesses you when you work for Him, and we have a real good time of Christian fellowship."

This may have been 29 years ago but still today at any Volunteer Christian Builders job site you will find the same thing, a whole bunch of friendly people on a church property covered with recreational vehicles and campers ready to work.

Why? Because they love the Lord.


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