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Remember When? Grace Point Fellowship, Magnolia, TX

Do you remember when two crew chiefs came together along with 25 couples in Magnolia, TX to Grace Point Fellowship? They had been meeting at a Junior High School and grown to the point they were ready to have their own building. The church does a great job reaching out into the community and crew chiefs Joel Fischer and Wayne McClure were glad to help.

The contractor was still finishing the outside walls as we started to frame out the inside. It was a learning experience for woodworkers as they learned how to work with steel. They did a great job and it came out looking great! This was the first of many steel framed prjoect Joel Fischer worked on.

For break, devotions and meals we played "musical tables." It was 100 degrees plus and no shade. We just moved around to where we could get some relief from the structure. God blessed and it worked out just fine.

Below is a copy of an article published in The Courier on Friday, June 28, 2013 about the jobsite. You can read it in full below.


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