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Remember When? Immanuel Baptist Church, Slidell, LA

In 1996, a call came from Immanuel Baptist Church in Slidell, Louisiana for some help. J.B. Thrash answered the call along with several other volunteer builders. In March of 1996 they built a new church including a Sunday School wing and fellowship hall. The projected project was approximately 9,000 square feet.

J.B. Thrash had planned on another trip that March to work on the Delacroix Home Mission which got cancelled. God sent this church as a replacement. as J.B. said, "Sorry about the change, but we serve where the Lord leads."

We found these pictures in Doris Wards files. Great picture of the ladies but there were none of the men working. They must have been very busy!! If you have any pictures from this trip send them in to us and we'll include them.


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