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Remember When? Jasper County Cowboy Church Jasper, TX

In 2012 Crew Chief, Joel Fischer, along with Don Jacobs, took a group of 14 couples to Jasper County Cowboy Church in Jasper, TX to build a Cowboy Church. This was Joel's first job as a crew chief. The metal frame building that Dan Jacobs had started to frame out earlier awaited them to be completed.

The volunteers, along with a few local church members, framed out the inside and promised to return in April to do the sheet rock and wiring.

It was in Jasper that Dorothy Wiley told us about a need for sleep mats for the homeless. Her Sunday School class was crocheting them for the homeless in downtown Houston. We started immediately collecting plastic bags and crocheting them into sleep mats.

It was also in Jasper where we met a missionary, Sherry Bumstead, who serves in Africa with Bethany Ministries. She was interested in sundresses and shorts we were sewing. We would give them to people going on missionary trips but had quite a few done and praying for a place for them to go. We gave her all she would take and from then on kept her supplied by putting them in her warehouse and she shipped them along with medical supplies once a year to Africa.

The Jasper Cowboy Church was a great learning experience for all of us and a great start to a crew chiefs career. If you went on one of these building jobs and have picture please send them to us at the email below.


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