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Remember When? New Haven Baptist Church in Arkansas

In October 2001, volunteers went with Crew Chief, Bill Self, to New Haven Baptist Church in Arkansas to add a 5,000 square feet to their current building. At the time the church had started with 15 members and had grown to over 100. The pastor at the time, Phillip Huggins, said,

We lift up Jesus, preach the word and we love people.

But Pastor Huggins wasn't always a preacher for many years he was a man behind bars. He spent seven years in prison on attempted murder charges. During his time in prison he became a gang member and was ordered to kill another prisoner. Prison guards found out and put him in solitary confinement for two years. During this time he studied the Bible and became a changed man. God used him to write a book and hold crusades and prisons before he became pastor at New Haven Baptist Church. Pastor Huggins is an amazing testimony of how God works in all situations for good! Volunteer Christian Builders was honored to be able to help them build their church!

The local newspaper published an article on the volunteers and the project you may find interesting to read below in November of 2001.


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