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The Women of Volunteer Christian Builders Behind the Scenes

The women of Volunteer Christian Builders play a vital role in many ministries throughout the United States and abroad. The Quilts of Valor presented at our yearly meeting were made by many of our ladies. There were 24 veterans who were honored and presented a Quilt of Valor. This brings the total quilts awarded the first year of our chapter to over 50. What an amazing accomplishment for these ladies.

One of the greatest things about our women is their willingness to jump in and help on a need or a project. One of our members posted on Facebook that they needed lined bags for the sheriff’s department that they could use to give to children being removed from their home so they can take some of their personal items with them. Within just a few days the bags were made and shipped where they were needed.

Last month over 300 dresses were given to churches to use in Christmas Boxes and sent with missionaries going back out in the field. Over 200 Days for Girls sanitary kits were given to missionaries and also to a ministry in South Texas which helps many small churches in Mexico. Pencil cases, wash rags, skirts, baby blankets, dresses, and many other items are made and sent to those struggling churches with so many needs.

Several of our women are involved in the building projects working alongside the men. These ladies are diversified in what they can accomplish and do everything from running the power tools to working on the ceiling crews.

The beautiful thing about our Volunteer Christian women is that when a need is shown to them they jump in and get the job done. There are times that women will be working on a project and don’t really know who will need those items, and this is when it is so awesome to see God work as he puts the need before them and they are able to fulfill the need.No experience necessary, just a willing heart! 

If you would like more information on how to volunteer with Volunteer Christian Builders visit us online here.    

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