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Words from Beverly

One of my favorite radio stations often advertises: “If you have ever changed a light bulb – by yourself, then you might be the person we are looking for.” As a woman, senior-ish, and two years past my husband’s death, life’s fulfillment and contentment is, partially, moving beyond changing light bulbs to working with the Volunteer Christian Builders on the building site.

Ed & Beverly Little

Every VCB trip brings new learning and discovery. I have the light bulb changing down to a science, but I am still working on things like “homeruns”, “cripples”, “tees”, “plates”, and “headers”. On the last trip, I learned that eight foot 2x4s are not interchangeable with ten foot 2x4s. Sorry, Mike and Jerry. I tried. They do look alike in the form of an appropriate “corner”, though. I think the apology was accepted because my salary was not cut.

Being on site with the other builders allows me opportunity to hear the comradery among the men. Laughter, smiles, and teasing abound while the work gets accomplished. I am amazed when I hear “Wall up”, everyone stops work and goes to help raise the newly constructed wall. It is quite a sight to see the wall go up, glue applied, bolts placed through already cut holes, and supports secured.

I have thought hard about my “favorite” VCB trip. But, how could I choose between trips to New Hampshire or trips to Washington state, or anywhere in between? Could my favorite possibly be building a Cowboy Church knowing the weekly events bring cowboys who might never enter a church building, yet hear the gospel? Could it be building or repairing facilities at a Christian camp where boys and girls of all ages will hear how much Jesus loves them? Could it be building or repairing a home for a pastor who has spent a lifetime giving of himself without asking anything in return? Could it be the trip to a “pioneer’ area where God’s Word is faithfully preached, yet a building is needed that is worthy of worship and praise? Could it have been to anywhere, anytime, just because we felt loved and accepted when we arrived and shed tears when it was time to say goodbye?

Which was my favorite VCB trip? It is the one I just left or the next destination where new friends are met, laughter is shared, prayer and praise is natural, and my light bulb changing expertise is broadened. On each trip, the love of Jesus prevails. I pray this blog will encourage others, especially the women who desire to be hands and feet of Jesus to join us on a Volunteer Christian Builders project. You will be blessed!


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